by Paddy Johnson and William Powhida on 安卓免费海外加速器app Explain Me + 免费外网加速器手机


Boogaloo Boys show off posters supporting Trump at a demonstration

Artist Nayland Blake joins the podcast to discuss the murder of George Floyd at the hands of a white police officer, mass protests, and the resurgence of COVID as the backdrop for public art and how museums are addressing diversity.  Spearheaded in large part by Blake, we discuss all of these issues  through the lens of what people need and how art makers, art workers and arts institutions answer that need.

We started the conversation with Blake’s recent twitter thread on art criticism.

“Art criticism is the activity of thinking with and through art objects,” they wrote. “If you constantly reach for the same few objects to think with, you stagnate as a critic and simply reinforce your own bias.”

Other relevant links mentioned in the show:

  • Nayland Blake’s website
  • Julie Mehretu’s Goldman Saks mural
  • Mark Bradford
  • Social Abstraction
  • What is the Boogaloo movement?
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  • Marblecake Also the Game
  • Gamergate Explainer

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by Paddy Johnson and William Powhida on May 19, 2022 外网加速器推荐 + Podcast

The Abrons Art Center has paid all their staff and performers during the shutdown.

The Abrons Art Center has paid all their staff and performers during the shutdown.

This week on Explain Me, co-hosts William Powhida and Paddy Johnson talk to arts organizers and activists Heather Bhandari and Nikki Columbus about the challenges for mothers during the pandemic, and the challenges for arts workers seeking to make changes to a system that no longer works for them. 

Of the family-focused topics discussed we take on pandemic screen time for kids (Bhandari describes DinoTrux as terrible for kids, but a necessary evil), what to do if your toddler licks a bodega door, and disrupted schedules that make it impossible to find or look for work and require long and often unusual hours. 

On the subject of organizing we discuss several projects spearheaded by Bhandari and Columbus respectively designed to pave actionable paths for artists. 

Finally we discuss Frieze New York, and contrast their dubious charity efforts during the fair to the more collective NADA art fair model that works towards a sustainable model for everyone. Show links below. 

The Art World Conference 

Forward Union 

Art/Work, Heather Bhandari and Jonathan Melber 

永久免费外网加速器Free Your Mind, by Claire Bishop and Nikki Columbus

Art+Work+Place, Emergency Session I, Veralist Center

Art+Work+Place, Emergency Session II, Veralist Center

Museum transparency Newsletter (Read about all the layoffs and other bad news that’s happening in the museum world right now—of which there is a ton.)

乐游加速器免费版下载_乐游加速器官方下载 - 全方位下载:2021-9-12 · 6、乐游加速器全面支持优化对魔兽世界、DNF、永恒纪元等国服、台服,美服,欧服,韩服,日服的加速效果; 7、自动服务器接点推荐选择,并提供自助选择线路功能。 软伀亮点: 1、团队研发技术绝对领先业界。 2、线路数量、速度、稳定性都最好。 3、集成 (Read about the good news and exemplary work by arts organizations.) 

Obama Commencement Speech

#graduatetogether2022 (twitter hashtag) 

Frieze Art Fair (May 8-15th) 

永久免费外网加速器 (May 20-June 21)



by Paddy Johnson and William Powhida on April 20, 2022 Explain Me

Steve Locke Student 338, 2016 Hydrocal, galvanized steel nails, procion dye, shellac approximately 12x4.5x5.5" $4,000

Steve Locke, Student 338, 2016, Hydrocal, galvanized steel nails, procion dye, shellac
approximately 12×4.5×5.5″, $4,000. Link to item.

This week on Explain Me, William Powhida and Paddy Johnson speak with artist Michael Shaw and L.A. staff writer Carolina Miranda how quarantining is affecting artists, galleries and journalists on the West Coast. Shaw talks about the prospect of losing his studio of nine years, The L.A. Tenants Union and landlords who are neither friendly nor flexible. Miranda speaks about cuts at the L.A. Times and the surrounding museums, as well as her latest story on how corona is impacting commercial galleries.

We take a virtual visit to the Dallas Art Fair together, and talk about the art we’ve enjoyed recently. All links below.


Marciano Collection Announces it won’t reopen in wake of layoffs following union drive. — L.A. Times

MOCA lays off all 97 part time employees — L.A. Times

Uovo lays off pro union organizers while others are paid to stay at home —The Art Newspaper

How Arts Non-profits are responding to COVID – Hyperallergic

LACMA began demolition: But that hasn’t stopped a protest group for an alternate plan—L.A. Times

Painful closures lie ahead for L.A. galleries. How 35 are bracing for the worst. — L.A. Times



  • Bill Arning, New Discretions; An Appropriate Response
  • Night Gallery
  • 蚂蚁vp(永久免费)
  • The Hole
  • Karma
  • Marlborough Gallery
  • JTT


谁有免费的外网加速器软伀—Darren Bader’s VR app (still not released)

El Greco Audio Tour—Art Institute of Chicago.

This is Chance—99% Invisible

外网加速器推荐 — The New York Times

The Weirdly Enduring Appeal of Weird Al Yankovic — The New York Times

Magda Sawon’s Twitter


Explain Me Patreon 

The Conversation Patreon

The L.A. Times

Hyperallergic membership



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Serkan Özkaya’s Proletarier Aller Länder (Workers of the World) 1999, Image via Postmaster’s Gallery.

In this episode of Explain Me, hosts Paddy Johnson and William Powhida talk to Magda Sawon of Postmasters Gallery in New York, and Jonathan Schwartz, the CEO and founder of Atelier4, an arts logistics company based out of New York. The discussion includes stories and conversations you won’t find anywhere else.

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Magda describes the challenges for galleries which range from financial burdens to the need to better consider the online art environment.

William and Paddy discuss the financial precarity of artists, writers, and educators.

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We’re looking at a radical shift in opportunity, so this conversation includes a fair amount of debate. We’re also doing it over zoom, with William on the phone due to an internet connectivity issue. This isn’t the best recording quality we’ve ever produced, but it might be the most important episode. Please tune in.

COMING UP: Resources for freelancers and art organizations. What relief is available and how long it will take to get to the people who need it.

Explain Me: We’re Baaaaaack!


by Paddy Johnson and William Powhida on March 10, 2022 Events

Spring Break. Image: Paddy Johnson

Spring Break. Image: Paddy Johnson

Welcome back to Explain Me! In an effort to produce content a little more regularly we’re trying something new: no editing. This means a little more baseless speculation, and off the cuff commentary, in return for actual podcasts! Yes!

In this episode we discuss news, art, and trends seen at The Armory, Spring Break and The Independent. Highlights include:

The Armory

  • News! They’re moving to the Javits Center! Speculation about what that means.
  • Adrian Wong with animal spiritual guide Lynn Schuster at Carrie Secrist Gallery
  • Austin Lee at Jeffrey Dietch
  • Kumasi J. Barnett at Ryan Lowell Projects
  • Dominic Chambers at Anna Zorina Gallery
  • Matt Bolinger at Zurcher 
  • Hannah Wilke and Cassils at Feldman Gallery

Spring Break

  • Gallery Cubed’s Nathan Sinai Rayman
  • Emily McElreath and Evan Pepper’s show of work by Jeila Gueramian
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The Independent

  • Galerie Jocelyn Wolff’s Miriam Cahn
  • Various Small Fires’s Jessie Homer French
  • Andrew Edlin Gallery
  • Colored pencil and pastels

Explain Me: Standing in Quicksand


by Paddy Johnson on February 12, 2022 免费外网加速器手机

Post image for Explain Me: Standing in Quicksand

We cover a lot of ground in this episode of Explain Me. That ground looks something like this:

  • The Velvet Buzzsaw is a bad movie.
  • Mary Boone is still awaiting sentencing for falsifying tax documents—a whistleblower could get as much as $300,000 in reward for the tip.
  • Dawn Clements is remembered at Pierogi.
  • Dana Schutz’s first show since the controversy over her painting of Emmitt Till at the Whitney Biennial.
  • 手机如何加速外网
  • W.A.G.E. is asking artists to withhold their art from the Whitney Biennial until the museum adequately address the issue of their board chair selling tear gas used on children at the border.
  • Amazon is reaching out to artists in attempts to buy their support. Listeners who want to organize against this kind of practice should attend the next Artist Studio Affordability Project meeting. Contact the organization for 手机如何加速外网.

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by Paddy Johnson on December 4, 2018 Explain Me + Podcast


Donna DeSalvo assembles some of Andy Warhol’s greatest work for his retrospective at the Whitney Museum, while revelations that Whitney Vice Chair Warren B. Kanders owns a company that sells tear gas used at the border shake museum staff. Soul of a Nation at the Brooklyn Museum looks at the history of political activism, while Jack Waters offers a mix of bag of awe inspiring abject art paired with groan inspiring sculptures and paintings. Jack Whitten at the Metropolitan Museum dazzles, Art and Conspiracy flops, and Amazon is going to drive Queens residents out of their homes.

Listen ——>



by The AFC Staff on October 4, 2018 From the Desk of AFC

Post image for Art F City Launches PARADE, A New Programming Arm Focused on Creating Civically Engaged Art

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Live From Forward Union: Four Women Who Are Using Art to Change the World


by 谁有免费的外网加速器软伀 on September 29, 2018 Explain Me

Post image for Live From Forward Union: Four Women Who Are Using Art to Change the World

It’s been a rough news week. Between Thursday’s testimonies of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh before the Senate Judiciary Committee, and Kavanaugh’s near appointment to the Supreme Court Friday, many of us are exhausted. We would like a win for women.

Sometimes the quickest way to achieve that is to do it yourself. As such, this episode of Explain Me celebrates women who have made waves in the world of art and activism, through a series of interviews with four major figures—Mia Pearlman (Make NY True Blue), Jenny Dubnau (ASAP), Nancy Kleaver (PARADE), and Mira Schor (安卓免费海外加速器app).

In the first half of the show, Mia Pearlman and Jenny Dubnau talk about their work pushing for changes at the city and state level and how being an artist makes that job easier. In the second half, Paddy Johnson and Nancy Kleaver talk about their new public art organization, PARADE, and Mira Schor talks about the history of feminism in art from the 1970’s through to today, and her contributions. Stream it. Download it. Listen to it. This one’s important.

Explain Me: What it Really Means to be A Mid-Career Artist: A Talk with LoVID’s Tali Hinkis


by Paddy Johnson on August 21, 2018 Podcasts

Post image for Explain Me: What it Really Means to be A Mid-Career Artist: A Talk with LoVID’s Tali Hinkis

LoVID‘s Tali Hinkis joins us in the studio to discuss the challenges of being a mid-career artist outside of New York. In this episode we discuss how to navigate it all from engaging a general audience to getting grants and networking. A refreshingly frank talk about what mid-career actually looks like for artists and what it takes to get there.

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